Born the day President Eisenhower was elected, Peeps middle name is Dwight, just like another legendary piano picker: Reginald Dwight (aka: Sir Elton John). Growing up in Oklahoma City, his classically trained musical parents didn’t care for his taste in music. From the age of 4 upward, he was buying Bill Haley, Buddy Holly and Elvis records.

Listening to Rock-n-Roll at 4, lessons at 7, and playing and singing (Ray Charles’ “Wha’d I say” on a borrowed electric piano) in a band by the time he was 11, Phil was gaining experience fast.

In 1967, Phil found a mentor in Boyd Hickox. He joined Boyd’s band Seneca as soon as his parents agreed to let him play on school nights. In the Oklahoma oil boom days, he became a regular fixture of the all night clubs, playing a gig here and packing up to play the next one across town.

Over the years he has played with countless local and touring musicians: Ernie Richmond’s "Richie and his Fabulous Hitch Hikers,” (still one of OKC's best kept secrets), Sonny Elcision, Tim Stanford, Steve Swim, Lyndal East, Clark and Bobby Doyle, David Anthony, Chris Babcock, Tom Lienke, Harvey and the WallBangers, Rockin David Sugg and Crosscountry.

Phil took a break from active playing after his keyboard got stolen, and focused on family and work. But Tim Stanford found Phil ready to play and invited him to a blues jam at a local club where he met Calvin White and the Blues Cats. He started playing blues and R&B in the eight piece band featuring four vocalists, a three piece horn section, and the conga player.

Now Phil brings his incredible talent and experience to Mike Black and the Stingrays, who are glad call Phil their keyboard player and bandmate. More than that, we’re proud to call him Friend!